Friday, December 14, 2012

German watch manufacturers

In my continuing curiosity about how many mechanical watches are produced in Europe, I have started to look at the German market.

It turns out that a large amount comes from a "big six" (Nomos, Sinn, Glasshuette Original, Meistersinger, A.Lange, Stowa) of manufacturers.

I am missing many German companies (like Nivrel, Schaumburg Watch, UTS, Damasko, Guinand, Tutima, Ickler, Alexander Shorokoff, Junghans, Junkers, Zeppelin, etc.) but these 6 have manufacturing numbers (somewhat) available and have established their brand names outside their home market.

Here is a chart with my first estimates of the amount of watches manufactured by the "big six" and comparing the size of the output ... any comments are very welcome..

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